This Site Tells You Exactly When to Text Your Crush

Man texting with cell phone on dark patio

If you’ve ever tried to do the math of when exactly to text back your crush, Tinder date, or other romantic interest (how soon is too eager? how long is too uninterested?), you need to visit Txtwar immediately.

Created by developer Albert Chang, Txtwar is basically a quiz that puts the details of your relationship into an algorithm that will give you a time frame as to when to hit reply on your response. Through a seven-point sliding scale (think questions like “How good-looking are you?” and “Did you make a good impression on her?”), the site will gauge how much you’re winning—which is the main determinate in the site’s recommendation.

“The more you’re ‘winning,’ the shorter amount of time you can afford to wait to text back,” Chang told the Daily Dot. “For example, if you are very good-looking and don’t like the other person that much, you can text back faster, since it’s likely you don’t care too much about the outcome. If you’re ugly, the other person doesn’t like you that much, and you’ve been super-available (or instantly replying), you will need to wait longer.”

Okay, so not exactly science. But the site has already collected some interesting user data, noting that people who rate themselves lowest on the attractiveness scale take the longest to respond (sometimes up to 14 hours) and that nearly half of daters are dissatisfied with their partner’s response time.

Time to start counting down from those read receipts and get drafting.