The World’s Most Bizarre Hotels!

Featherbed Railroad, California, USThis unusual B&B comprises nine antique railroad cabooses in northern California’s Lake County – known for its antiques, hot springs and wine. All have been individually decorated, from the Las Vegas bordello-themed La Loose Caboose, with red velvet and Mustang Ranch memorabilia, to the art deco Orient Express. The Easy Rider caboose has a Jacuzzi for two, Harley Davidson touches and a headboard with handlebars.

Viking, near Reykjavik, IcelandGuests can channel their inner Viking in this themed hotel, whose 42 rooms feature art, crafts and traditions of West Nordic countries including Greenland and the Faroe Islands. As host of the annual Viking Festival in June, the hotel has recently added 14 traditional Viking log cabins – though with modern bathroom facilities. The wooden dining room has taxidermy on the walls and serves proper Viking-style feasts, and the hotel also has a rock-walled sauna, a spa pool and a cave room. It’s just 10km outside Reykjavik, so easy to get to.

Mira Mira Accommodation, Victoria, AustraliaMira Mira in Gippsland, 120km from Melbourne, offers self-catering guests three fantasy retreats. Whether you choose the Cave, the Japanese Zen Retreat or the Gaudí-influenced Tanglewood, with its treetop balcony, each is designed to let imaginations run wild and provide the experience of living within a piece of art. The mouth of a giant sculpted sunshine face leads to one room; a bed swings on chains from a four-poster; a bathroom in a cave has natural spotlights made from small glass windows all over the ceiling.