The World’s Most Bizarre Hotels!

Crane Hotel, Harlingen, The Netherlands Guests will forgive this hotel’s less-than-glamorous dockside location once they get inside the 150ft-high room: you can rotate the room 360 degrees to enjoy panoramic views of the Wadden Sea.

The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA The Dog Bark Park Inn takes the term ‘dog lover’ to a whole new level. Owned by chainsaw artists, the B&B is located inside a 12-foot beagle. Guests (it sleeps four) enter the beagle’s body through the second-storey deck. It is, of course, pet-friendly.

Capsulevalue Kanda, Tokyo, Japan Originating in Osaka, the capsule hotel is a popular concept in Japan. Stacked side by side and on top of one another to maximise on space, you can expect to pay around £30 per night. The idea has even travelled over to Europe – Helsinki airport will introduce their own sleeping pods.

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