The 10 Most Valuable DC Comics Issues of All Time

Here are some of the most valuable DC comic issues of all time; would you happen to have one?

10. More Fun Comics No.52
(1940) – $316,000


More Fun Comics was a collection of American comic books from 1935 to 1947, a collection that would later become the famous DC Comics we know today. More Fun Comics were also referred to as New Fun Comics or The Big Comic Magazine, owing partly to the tabloid-sized collection and the entirely original material and characters in the comics that had never been seen before in any other publications or newspapers. Although the first issue is extremely valuable, the 52nd issue is the most valuable of all, going for anywhere between $310,000 and $316,000. One of the reasons for No.52 being of greater value compared to all others is because it is the issue that introduced The Spectre, a major character who detailed Detective Jim Corrigan’s murder and resurrection.

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