25 Best Pickup Lines For The Plane!

Leave it to Patti Stanger to get you hooked up on the plane. (Randy St. Nichols) By Jackie Strause

As a guru on relationships, Patti Stanger preaches a lot of best practices. From “chivalry is not dead” to “no sex before monogamy,” Bravo’s no-nonsense Millionaire Matchmaker and Millionaire’s Club founder has been doling out “Patti-isms” on love for over a decade. If you haven’t been taking notes, one all-encompassing takeaway is that love can be found everywhere and anywhere — and 10,000 feet in the air is no exception.

“The airplane provides an interesting setting for singles — no one can walk away!” Stanger tells Yahoo Travel. But does being trapped in an aircraft cabin mean that any old pickup line will work? “Absolutely not,” says Stanger. “You have one shot to make an impression, and once you see those earbuds go in or that sleep mask go on, you know you’ve missed your window.”

So the next time you see an attractive frequent flier seated in your row, Stanger suggests, try one of these 25 icebreakers. “Be confident and charming,” she advises. “Sense of humor goes a long way, especially on a long, cross-country flight. And ladies, always dress to impress — no sweats!”

From a simple introduction to flirting with the idea of the mile-high club, there’s something here for the lovestruck traveler in everyone. Buying a drink works just as well in the air as it does on land

1. “Can I buy you a drink?” Or order one without asking him or her.

2. “Are you traveling alone?”

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