12 Shocking Celebrities Net Worths… Amazing

Here are 12 of the most shocking celebrity net worths: A lot of times, celebrities turn into household names. We add them in our day to day conversations and even have inside jokes about them. We often group all celebrities together, associating the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and stardom with loads and loads of wealth. Although sometimes that may be true, other times, it couldn’t be more wrong.

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker’s net worth is a depressing -$11.5 million. Yes, that’s right, NEGATIVE $11.5 million. Although he appeared in many hit movies like Friday, and the Rush Hour franchise, Chris has somehow managed to get himself into debt.

Chris was paid $20 million to do Rush Hour 2, and for Rush Hour 3, he received not only $25 million but 20% of the movie’s gross receipts, which made him the highest paid actor in the world at that time.

Despite all that success, he reportedly owes the IRS $11 million for taxes due in the early 2000’s and has publicly stated that he does not have enough money to pay his own bills, including a $4.4 million mortgage on a home in Florida.

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